Resources for Research Capacity Building Program

A Directory of Training programs offered by advanced institutions internationally to support “Research Capacity Building”, a recognized need in the developing countries, is now made available through the AOI membership.

The pages in the link provided below contain information shared by AOI members from their institutions to support this initiative. Various methods of training are employed by these institutions to suit individual needs. The Training Directory provides information on the different modalities of training programs, under the heads listed below, along with the names of institutions that offer this training and some basic information.

  • Research Fellowships
  • Availability of Faculty on Personal Visits
  • Distance Mentoring
  • Participation in Training (Workshops)

In addition to these, other related programs offered by these institutions are also listed.

A complete list of the training institutions offering resources for this initiative is also provided at the end with useful information for candidates, which includes

  • preferred sub-specialty areas and country/regions where these training institutions offer their programs
  • details of contact person(s) for each institution, and the representing AOI member.

Institutions in developing countries are encouraged to take advantage of these offers to build their research capacity. Interested candidates may contact AOI on e-mail: for more details.

Funding, however, is not available with either AOI or the institutions listed here (unless specifically stated), and participating institutions have to raise their own funds to meet the costs.

Resources for Research Capacitiy Building Program
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